There is plenty of advice out there on how to obtain all you desire –  a new job, a partner, a new house, a healthier body, a happier home. But the best advice I can offer is to love yourself!

As you change your vibrational frequency through self-love practices, the type of people and opportunities you attract into your experience will hold the new frequency. And the deeper you go into self-love you will find yourself naturally letting go of that which no longer serves your growth & well-being.

Loving yourself is a mind shift for many of us. We are so used to the inner critic constantly telling us where we are going wrong. Loving yourself requires ignoring that inner critic and introducing daily practices that gradually become life changing habits


Here are my top 8 daily habits for Self-Love & how they affect your frequency


  1. Choose to take care of your body in the same way as you would take care of a small child – healthy food, plenty of rest, toxic free food, drinks, body-care products etc. Pay attention to how you feel. Choose to be fully present with yourself. This way you can tune in to what your body needs right now. Allowing only high vibration substances into your body keeps your vibration high
  2. Choosing to exercise is indeed an act of self-love. Exercise helps to keep your energy flowing and your body alive with oxygen rich blood which nourishes and repairs
  3. Allow all emotions to flow. Use journaling and tapping to witness & release your emotions. Trapped Emotions lower vibration. These daily practices ensure your energy & emotions continue to flow with ease.
  4. Have good boundaries. Say no without guilt. Prioritise your wellbeing in any decision to help others. This protects your Energy. We are often depleted when we give away too much of ourselves.
  5. Follow my joy. Only engage in experiences that bring you joy. Outsource any activities you don’t enjoy or if that’s not an option, journal to change your perspective. Your thoughts have the power to open your heart centre and raise your vibration or close your heart centre and block the flow. Choosing joy must be a priority not a luxury.
  6. Take time for yourself. Could be a walk, could be a weekend away with a friend. Claim space when you need it. When you claim your space, you reclaim your energy.
  7. Forgive yourself for any actions taken when you were less conscious and just didn’t know better. Shame is the lowest vibration there is and it really doesn’t serve you. Let it go.
  8. Always remember that Loving Energy of the Universe runs through you! The presence of self-doubt is a sure sign you have forgotten that you are Love. Meditation & Prayer are the easiest way to remember.


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