Soothing Session
Self Compassion for Mums

An online group Healing Session for Mums

Through journaling, guided meditation and energy clearing we will begin the practice of seeing, supporting and accepting ourselves

Live Workshop Recorded March 27th ZOOM

An Introduction to Energy Healing for Mums

As a Mum we can use Energy Healing as a powerful tool to support our children with sleep, anxiety, behavioural issues, digestive problems, skin issues, illness etc

In this workshop I share with you everything I wish I had known when Ifirst became a Mum and how I have incorporated energy healing into everyday life in my home

You will learn:

How to ground yourself  How to feel energy
How energy gets blocked
How to clear energy blockages
How to keep energy flowing

What to expect: 

We will look at the energy system- chakras, meridians & auric fields

We will cover basic energy healing techniques for the balancing the energy system

MONDAY MARCH 13TH, 2023 @ 8:00pm


This workshop will be hosted by Rachael Smith, Empowered Parent Coach

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