not picture perfect

My Introduction to Motherhood

I always wanted to be a primary school teacher and I loved it. I felt capable & confident in that role. I presumed motherhood would be the same.

This was not the case. The first 4 years of motherhood for me were extremely challenging, not least because I had lost faith in myself.

Normal childhood issues from colic to tantrums seemed like mountains to me and despite my best efforts at being a perfect mum, nature walks, art & craft, story-time etc I could not find the joy.

Instead I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, guilty and I found myself wishing the time away.

The Universe Intervened

An accident at home left me in terrible pain. Despite having every test under the sun doctors could find nothing wrong with me. Over the weeks & months ahead the pain was so intense I could not sleep. I could not eat. I could not speak. I could not complete a task as simple as making a cup of tea. The pain was unbearable and I couldn’t look after my children.

My new World

A Remarkable Recovery

Eventually a friend of my husband pointed us in the direction of Bio-Energy. I travelled to Dublin for 4 days in a row for treatment with Michael O Doherty where I experienced a remarkable recovery but also opened up my life to a whole new world.

Being pain free was a miracle to me. But a greater miracle was to come. My journey through various healing modalities taught me that my struggles with motherhood were not my fault!

Birth Shock & other emotional shocks in the early days of motherhood created energy blockages in me and my babies that made connection with my daughters difficult and connection with my own power a distant memory.

A Complete Transformation

Energy Healing and the introduction of Essential Oils to our home transformed my experience of motherhood and thankfully I now have a wonderful relationship with my children.

We all received energy healing. Shocks and disruptions to our energy were cleared and with that, I was able to love my children as I should. I learned to recognise when I was out of alignment and when my children were too and I could do something about it.

The Essential Oils were a wonderful addition to our home that really empowered me as a mother. Apart from having a natural solution for the normal stuff like tummy aches & sleep, I learned to use the oils to help us all to stay aligned, happy & well

I decided I had to learn more about energy healing and I signed up to train in Bio Energy with Michael O Doherty in Ennis and I went on then to train in Hidden Mind Programme with Tom Griffin in Mayo. All through my training a voice in my head kept saying EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW THIS!

the gift of motherhood

My Mission

And so began my mission.

To help mums like me to reach their optimum health, to connect with their power and to enjoy the gift that is motherhood

To teach Mums skills to help balance their children’s energy so that they may thrive and experience optimum wellbeing

To teach Mums about Essential Oils so they can always have a natural solution at their finger tips

To encourage Mums to teach their children about energy & oils because I believe this is the future of healthcare

How wonderful would it be to have the next generation empowered to take care of their own health……naturally