✓ Yes it's busy...

✓ Yes there’s plenty of personal growth...

✓ Yes you learn on the job….

But through healing & learning, Motherhood can become a truly positive experience

You can set yourself up for a joyful, empowered motherhood journey

I’m here to help you do that.

My journey

I couldn't look after my children...

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and exhausted on a daily basis.

I remember believing that I was just not cut out for motherhood.

I felt powerless, useless and I honestly couldn’t see how anything could change.

I felt I just had live with consequences of choosing to have children.

Read my story about how I my own motherhood journey radically changed when I was introduced the world of energy healing


When our energy is blocked we feel tired all the time. We get easily stressed. We find it hard to make decisions and even the day to day stuff drains us. It’s hard to enjoy life.

When our energy is flowing we feel well & happy. We have energy, we think clearly and we enjoy life, even if life is busy.

Shock & Trauma interrupt our energy flow and many of us begin our motherhood journey out of alignment

Energy Healing Sessions can clear the trauma and rebalance the system, giving you the energy & clarity you need to be a good mum

Trapped Emotions also contribute to interrupting our energy flow. As Mums especially we tend to just keep going. Addressing our difficult emotions can feel impossible – it feels like we just don’t have the space for that kind of self-care.

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What do you do when your children are unwell or unhappy?

I remember feeling so helpless and afraid when my children were struggling and I couldn't help.

Learning about Energy Healing and Essential Oils was incredibly empowering for me.

When my children are out of sorts in any way, I can support them and for me the fear is gone.

I offer a variety of workshops and classes in the area of raising our vibration, energy healing and natural healthcare



If you're looking for healing, if you're looking for education, if you're looking for connection, you will love the Aligned Mama Membership.

Join a community of soul led mamas, who wish to connect with their intuition and their confidence to create an aligned, joyful motherhood experience

Marie - Longford

"Hi my name is Marie & I have had distance healing done with Oonagh. I was after a bipolar relapse & as a result my energy was depleted. I was advised by someone that it was an energy problem. I called Oonagh to make my appointment & I found no sooner had spoken to her that I could feel a shift in my energy.

Over the following days I had three phone sessions from her. I can honestly say my energy has gone from strength to strength since & I have never looked back. I feel absolutely fantastic! I have energy I haven’t experienced in years, this really worked for me!"

Maeve - Athlone

"I brought my son to see Oonagh as he was an anxious child. He was 6 years old and in senior infants. He would not leave my side in the school yard and it took tremendous effort to get him to participate in any activities outside of school.

The morning after his third session of bio-energy with Oonagh he let go of my hand and ran into school on his own. He attended a summer camp this year and the organiser couldn’t believe the difference in him from the previous year.  He is a very happy boy and no longer suffers from anxiety. Oonagh is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people. She has a very relaxed and positive attitude which I found very refreshing."

Emer - Co. Roscommon

"My 7 year old son suffered with severe and unexpected anxiety that resulted in weight and sleep loss. We could see the results after the third session and he had returned to himself after our fourth and final visit. 

During lockdown he had a set back and Oonagh carried out the treatment from a distance in her own home. Again we seen dramatic results and he was back to his usual self and three months on he’s still doing great. 

I could not recommend Oonagh and Bio Energy enough for what she did for us."