How Bio-Energy Therapy can help your child

Bio-Energy Therapy helps helps to enhance your child’s body’s own self healing response - assisting the body in releasing physical & emotional shock, aiding detoxification and balancing mental & emotional states. 

In my experience birth shock is very common and can play a huge roll in interrupting your child’s health and wellbeing. Some babies experience both physical & emotional shock as they enter the world.  Babies can also be affected by physical & emotional shocks experienced by mum. Bio Energy can help clear these shocks allowing your baby to thrive.

It’s never too late to clear Birth Shock so a treatment at any age can have a very positive impact on a child’s health & wellbeing

how to know

Has your child experienced birth shock?

Some indications that your baby may have experienced birth shock:

Crying a lot, issues with sleeping (too much or too little), Issues with feeding,
Stressed /agitated 

Some Indications in older children:

Crying a lot, Issues with sleeping (too much or too little), Issues with eating,
Stressed /agitated, Clingy, Very Angry, Very Withdrawn/distant, Anxious

Possible Benefits of Bio-Energy Therapy for your Child

Feeling Calmer & Happier

Feeling Balanced

Improved Focus & Concentration

Improved Social Skills

Increased Self-Esteem

Reduced Anxiety

Reduced Fear

Improved Relationships

Improved Sleep Patterns 

Improved Eating Patterns

Improved Behaviour

Bio-Energy Therapy can also help in addressing common
childhood issues such as asthma, eczema, allergies etc.

What to Expect

A treatment programme of Bio-Energy Therapy is carried out in three, 45 minute sessions over three consecutive days.

The treatment is carried out remotely. 

I will have a short phone consultation with parent on at the beginning of each session.

When treating children I like to see a photo to connect.

Children may relax at home watching tv or listening to a story. They may even be asleep

I will send a text message when I am finished.

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Mother & Child Sessions

As mums we often put our children first. Sometimes we even forget about our own needs. Booking a joint session for mother and child has enormous benefits for everyone.

In many cases Mum and child’s energy is intertwined and working on both together allows me to detangle any unhelpful energetic cords that have been created quite often as a result of birth trauma.

When both mother and child have reclaimed their energy Mums often report a positive change in their relationship and more balance and calm in the family.

If you wish to include more than one child in the session please send a note with your booking.

Carmel & Isabelle - Co. Meath

My daughter (9) was not herself. She got a fright over a dog and she became very anxious about everything. I got in touch with Oonagh and she very kindly did distance bioenergy as it was during lockdown. At first it felt very strange to get the treatment from afar as I personally had experience of Bioenergy in person. However the results spoke for itself. My daughter came back to her old self.

We were thrilled to see the difference. I am delighted to have Oonagh’s expertise of Bioenergy in my parenting toolbox. I trust Oonagh in person and in distance to do what she does best. Thank you Oonagh 

Maeve - Athlone

I brought my son to see Oonagh as he was an anxious child. He was 6 years old and in senior infants. He would not leave my side in the school yard and it took tremendous effort to get him to participate in any activities outside of school. The morning after his third session of bio energy with Oonagh he let go of my hand and ran into school on his own. He attended a summer camp this year and the organiser couldn’t believe the difference in him from the previous year. He is a very happy boy and no longer suffers from anxiety. Oonagh is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people. She has a very relaxed and positive attitude which I found very refreshing.