Why Treat Mother & Child Together?

In my experience birth shock is very common and can play a huge roll in interrupting your health and wellbeing and your child’s health and wellbeing.

When we think of birth trauma we often think of emergencies, near death experiences or indeed loss of life. While this happens in rare cases, for most Mums the trauma is caused by fear and panic, feelings of being invisible, ignored, powerless.

Likewise with babies, we might think of birth trauma in terms of emergencies, incubators and risk to life, but for many babies, the trauma comes from routine interventions such as c section and induction, and also from experiencing the fear and panic Mum is feeling

The physical & emotional shock experienced by mother and child during the birthing process can impact physical and emotional health going forward

These sessions can help clear these shocks allowing you both to thrive.

It’s never too late to clear birth shock so a treatment at any age can have a very positive impact on everyone involved.

how to know

Have you or your child been affected by birth shock?

Some indications that you may have experienced shock/trauma during the birth of your child:

Exhaustion that doesn't lift with sleep, feeling agitated, brain fog, overwhelm, rage, anxiety, depression, over attachment to child or inability to bond with child 

Some indications that your baby may have experienced birth shock:

Crying a lot, issues with sleeping (too much or too little), Issues with feeding,
Stressed /agitated 

Some Indications in older children:

Crying a lot, Issues with sleeping (too much or too little), Issues with eating,
Stressed /agitated, Clingy, Very Angry, Very Withdrawn/distant, Anxious

Mother & Child Relationship

In many cases Mum and child’s energy is intertwined and working on both together allows to me to detangle any unhelpful energetic cords that have been created quite often as a result of pregnancy or birth trauma.

Symptoms of Energetic Entanglement may include:

- an over reliance on each other i.e. can’t bear to be apart

- difficulty being together

- a constant feeling of agitation when you are together

When both mother and child have reclaimed their energy Mums often report a positive change in their relationship and more balance and calm in the family.

What to Expect

The Mother & Child Healing programme is carried out in three, 75 minute sessions on three consecutive days.

The treatment is carried out remotely. 

I will have a short phone consultation with you at the beginning of each session.

I'll ask you to send me a photo of yourself & your child. This helps me connect

During the session it's best if Mum can put her feet up and tune inward for the hour. Children may relax at home watching tv or listening to a story. They may even be asleep.

I will send a text message when I am finished.

Schedule your Mother & Child Sessions

If you wish to include more than one child in the sessions please send a note with your booking.

Follow the button below and select the date and time slot for your first session.

We got our daughter back!

I can’t thank Oonagh enough!
Since doing the mum & child healing with Oonagh our 6 year old daughter has gotten her spark, her fun, her light happy energy back.

It’s amazing to have her wonderful mannerisms, confidence and independence back again.

Since early, my daughter suffers daily with anxiety, panic attacks, various sensory processing disorders, sleep problems etc, which all have a massive impact on her daily, to the point where leaving the house can be impossible.

We lost so much of our daughters fun and light side at age 3 and we never thought it would return.

Since December, all of these symptoms have eased massively to the point where my daughter is now enjoying her days and in a good place to be at school on time, to be playing with her friends, as each child should.


He's a much happier child

I just wanted to say thank you and give you some feedback since our sessions.

The difference in my little boy is unbelievable He's a much happier child and gives me hugs and cuddles more now which he wasn't doing before.

As for my little maneen, he doesn't sleep better and can wake a lot but I'm better able to cope. I even find myself holding him a little longer after night feeds. He's a pure mommy's boy and I don't mind having naps on me in fact, I think I'll miss them.

Turns out I just enjoy being at home it's not that I'm stuck. It's where I prefer to be at this stage of motherhood rather than rushing and racing for naps and feeds.

I'm still sleep deprived but I'm much better able to cope. I'm exercising and eating healthier. So a big thank you to you 😘


Very Happy Boy!

I brought my son to see Oonagh as he was an anxious child. He was 6 years old and in senior infants. He would not leave my side in the school yard and it took tremendous effort to get him to participate in any activities outside of school.

The morning after his third session of bio energy with Oonagh he let go of my hand and ran into school on his own.

He attended a summer camp this year and the organiser couldn’t believe the difference in him from the previous year. 

He is a very happy boy and no longer suffers from anxiety. 

Oonagh is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people. She has a very relaxed and positive attitude which I found very refreshing.


Tap into Your own Mama Wisdom

I have been to Oonagh for classes and one on one healing sessions with my sons when I have needed some extra support and guidance.

The beauty of how she works is she helps you to tap into your own Mama wisdom which sometimes gets lost amidst the noise.

It is so so special to find someone doing this work for Mama's. She is caring, real ,down to earth with a big Heart. I have never met anyone like her❤️Lovely to have this connection and guidance.


I can see a big leap!

Oonagh is a kind, empathetic person who made it very easy to open up and engage in a distance healing session.

We had a mother and child healing session to clear blockages. My child was non-verbal and has started to make lots of sounds and has started to use words in context and repeat some words.

Thanks to Oonagh, I can see a big leap and she is progressing well verbally. Highly recommend her sessions.


A Heaviness Lifted

For me, I have found the energy healing with Oonagh hugely beneficial. I had been struggling with burn out low energy and low mood. I felt a real shift after the healing less overwhelmed and lighter in my outlook. I felt able to move forward and my mind felt soothed and like a heaviness was lifted.

My 10 year was experiencing low energy and grief, the healing helped her express her grief and move past it a few days after the healing, she was brighter and happy again in herself with her energy back. It really helped her.


Simply Magic!

I recently booked in with Oonagh for bio energy treatment for me and my two sons.

I felt we were on a bit of a ferris wheel at home with the boys constantly arguing & me trying to help resolve matters but alot of the time, just making things worse.

I felt our emotions were very tied up with each other & I felt guilty over "everything" as a mother, Struggling to make decisions over the simplest of things & felt I was running on half battery.

Before I booked, I chatted to Oonagh over the phone about the therapy & if it would help. I felt instantly at ease talking to her & couldn't wait to get started.

3 consecutive evenings of the bio energy therapy later, I could feel a shift in my energy. It felt like my body was physically untightening & over the coming days.

I noticed I wasn't overly worrying as much as I had before. Oonagh explained the different things she came across when working on us & a lot of it made sense.

I would highly recommend this treatment for any mother and child & I feel we have benefited greatly as a family. Oonagh is simply magic!


I felt like the old me!

Oonagh sent me and my two young boys some distance bio-energy healing.

I didn't realise that I needed the healing more than my boys, but Oonagh did.

When you get talking to her, you just know you are in good safe and capable hands. She is extremely knowledgeable and wise and her word is genuine and

I was a shell of the woman I once was. The anxiety and worry of minding my two very young boys on my own every day since circumstances required us to
social distance and stay at home, had taken its toll.

I am on a career break from teaching. You would not think that I was once running a classroom of 30 +, a principal, chairperson... I found myself unable to focus on even competing simple daily tasks.

After one day of healing, I felt lighter and more motivated.  By the end of the healing sessions, I felt almost like the old me, capable, confident  and motivated.  And most importantly lighter as my
worries, anxiety and fear certainly lessened. And my boys are flying it.

I can't thank you enough