Balanced Energy

When we are healthy and life is good, our energy flows freely and this helps to maintain good health and well-being.

However, physical or emotional stress, trauma, our environment, and even our thoughts, can disrupt our energy flow and prevent our immune system from working efficiently, leading to lack of vitality, disease and ill-health.

Bio-Energy Therapy works by reactivating the body’s natural healing system. Balancing the energy helps to restore the body’s natural regeneration process. This promotes healing at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The treatment is carried out remotely over 3 consecutive days

Bio-Energy Therapy Sessions

What to Expect

All of my healing sessions take place remotely so you can remain in the comfort of your own home

Each Remote Session begins with a short phone call to connect. I then hang up to do my work.

The sessions usually last between 45 mins to 1hr during which clients are encourage to put their feet up and relax

During the course of the week week I will also point you in the direction of tools & techniques to help you stay aligned and empowered to create your new life.

Everyone's experience with bio-energy therapy is different. Check out below the most common feelings!

During your session

What you may feel

As the treatment is being carried out, some people may have feelings of tingling, heat, coolness or a pulling sensation. These are simply an indication that the energy is moving and a release of energy is taking place.

Others report a feeling of lightness or floating, while others experience heaviness, but many people do not experience any sensation at all.

It is important to note that what you feel or don’t feel during therapy, is no indication of the success or otherwise of the therapy.

Around the second or third day, some people experience a cleansing and release, which may appear as if their condition is worsening. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ and is in fact, a sign that healing is taking place.

how to know

When your energy is blocked

You may have a contracted body, tense shoulders, clenched jaw, shortness of breath or pain. You may be feeling frustrated, impatient, anxious, afraid, overwhelmed, powerless, confused, unable to see solutions, exhausted or simply just not healing.

You'll know

When your energy is flowing

You will know that your energy is flowing because you will feel relaxed & alert, rooted & balanced, present. You will notice you are breathing deeply & evenly, feeling empowered, engaged, positive, energised, inspired, excited & joyful.

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What some of my clients say!

Elizabeth - Switzerland

I contacted Oonagh for online bio energy healing because she had helped me before with my fibromyalgia in person and I felt the benefit.

I live in Switzerland and despite regular medicine was still unwell. I did distance bio energy with Oonagh for 3 days and it had an amazing impact.

I felt immediately better and was strong again. It was one of those instances when you believe without doubt in the healing, the healing that others look at you doubtfully for, but your mind is changed forever. I recommend everyone to try.

Aideen - Co. Roscommon

My daughter, a toddler, was struggling with a lot of changes in her routin and teething. She started showing signs of stress. Nightmares, irritated and appeared anxious a lot of the time.

I contacted Oonagh to see if she could help. I was not sure what to expect since we were at home and Oonagh just worked from her home using a photo but after a few sessions there was a remarkable improvement. We all noticed that she was calm and seemed much happier in herself. Of course she was still teething but she was coping fantastically so it was a relief. Definitely recommend