The soothing sessions

A Group Healing Series for Mums

When our energy is blocked we feel tired all the time. We get easily stressed. We find it hard to make decisions and even the day to day stuff drains us. It’s hard to enjoy life.

When our energy is flowing we feel well & happy. We have energy, we think clearly and we enjoy life, even if life is busy.

Trapped Emotions play a huge part in interrupting our energy flow. As Mums especially we tend to just keep going. Addressing our difficult emotions can feel impossible – it feels like we just don’t have the space for that kind of self-care.

During these energy clearing sessions I will provide the space for healing. You just have to decide you’re ready and you are worthy. We will be focusing on clearing anxiety, anger, grief & guilt. We will be inviting in peace, kindness, strength, & self acceptance.

All you need is a desire to lift your energy, to change something in your life for the better, and your own permission to receive the healing.

The Soothing Sessions

Transformational Themes

Release Anxiety, bring in Peace

Release Anger, bring in Kindness

Release Grief, bring in Strength

Release Guilt, bring in Self Acceptance

Receive all four Soothing Sessions for €60!

What to Expect

You will receive journaling prompts to accompany each session. Participants are encouraged to complete the journaling before the session. This will help bring to conscious awareness that which needs to be healed.

During the session I will take you through a powerful guided meditation and energy healing.

I include Tapping, Bio Energy, Pendulum Healing, The Violet Flame and Healing Sounds.

How to Make the Most of Each Session

✓ Complete your journal work before the session.

✓ Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.

✓ Be Clear on your intentions – How would you like to feel after the session

✓ The more you enter into the healing the more you will get out of the experience


OMG so powerful. I wasn’t expecting to feel the energy
as I was watching the recording but it was amazing. Thank you much. Sign me up
for the next one!


I found the group healing session so amazing. I couldn't attend on the day so I listened to the recording and it was so beneficial. I felt so much lighter afterwards and the energy healing part was powerful. I will definitely go to another workshop! Thank you Oonagh!


I took part in the ‘Group healing session’ this Weekend and found it really powerful. I left feeling rebalanced, calm and ready for the week ahead. I’d love to take part in more of Oonagh courses.


I loved today's healing
group session. It was such a thought provoking experience for me and left
me with such a feeling of calm afterwards.


The group healing was amazing, Such a feeling of peace
that came over me and the healing that I felt through my whole body. I am so grateful for you Oonagh