Whenever my baby cried I had an incredible urge to run in the opposite direction.  Shocking I know. I knew this wasn’t normal. I concluded that I was not ‘maternal’. I concluded that I was a bad person. My baby cried a lot and as she got older was often stressed & angry. Not with everyone. Just with me. I cried a lot too.

In 2010 when my baby was 4 years old I learned about energy healing and my experience of motherhood changed completely.

Here is what I learned:

Birth Shock

  • We are energetic beings. When our energy is flowing we feel well and happy. When our energy is stuck we feel unwell and unhappy
  • I experienced physical and emotional shock when I gave birth (And my experience was pretty text book by the way!)
  • My daughter experienced physical and emotional shock coming into the world
  • Physical & emotional shock can disrupt our energy flow.
  • This affects our healing, our levels of energy, our mood and our relationships
  • This affects baby’s feeding, sleeping, mood, relationships etc

You get the picture. A mum starting motherhood out of alignment may be on for an uphill battle.

Energetic Cords

We are all familiar with the umbilical cords but I was not aware that there are energetic cords also

  • The mother-child energy cord is unique because it is formed in utero and has a physical base.
  • It mirrors the umbilical cord, in that it connects a mother’s sacral chakra with her child’s navel chakra.
  • This means a mother’s creative and emotional energy (both linked to the second/sacral chakra) is directly linked to her child’s will, personal power, and mental constructs (all associated with the naval chakra.)
  • A big part of understanding the mother-child relationship (and indeed, your own relationship with your own mother) is understanding this unique energy line.
  • During first few months of a newborn’s life energetically a mother is still nourishing her child, but with a special kind of energy.
  • It can be very hard on both mother and child to be separated during this time, and it can feel overwhelming to a new mother.
  • We expect to get some of our body and autonomy back after pregnancy once we have a child, but in fact, the energetic link is stronger than ever for a few months
  • Over time the child becomes more energetically independent
  • However, where there is birth trauma this energetic connection can become out of balance

In my case I felt everything my baby went through – when she was distressed I was distressed and so I longed to escape. This unhealthy energetic bond explained my daughter’s anger too as she longed to escape from me and gain her independence. For other Mums it can mean finding separation from each other unbearable, with either Mum or child very clingy and needy



When I received Energy healing I experienced a huge transformation in my mood, my energy and most importantly in my connection to my children. I felt strong and grateful and at last I could understand why other Mums loved being Mums! I witnessed a transformation in my children  too, especially my first baby. She was so much more relaxed and affectionate and now at the age of almost 16 we really get on so well. I can’t imagine where we’d be had we not been introduced to the world of Energy Healing.


The Good News

The good news is that it is never too late to balance energy and cords. My own experience has led me to being in the wonderful position of helping Mums and child reclaim and rebalance their energy and the results can be incredible.

If you feel you or your child would benefit from Energy Healing please click here and complete the contact form to register for a free 15 minute consultation to see if I can help.


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