It’s Sunday afternoon. It’s raining outside. You know you should be doing something constructive (sorting the laundry, in Aldi for your weekly shop, tackling those taxes) but you are stuck to the couch – no energy or interest in doing anything, as that Monday morning dread is already beginning to creep in.

In comes your better half, beaming from ear to ear.  You have just won the lotto!! Oh wow – you are thrilled, you are joyful and oh yes you are bursting with energy!!  

How did that happen?

Well I can tell you exactly what happened…… opened your heart centre!

The heart centre is the gateway to our connection to the universe (and unlimited energy)

It operates like a door. When bad things happen we often close the door as a way of protecting ourselves. However when we close the door two things happen

  1. We stop the flow of energy
  2. We trap inside the very emotion we are trying to avoid 

When good things happen our heart centre door opens wide. We release trapped emotions and the energy flows

Through the course of any day we open and close our heart centre door many times unconsciously. (If we have experienced trauma it may remain closed more of the time and energy healing can really help with this)

Follow these steps to access that unlimited energy supply and live a life where you are energised,  motivated & joyful


So how can you tell if your heart is open or closed? Try this short exercise

  • Sitting still
  • Think about a time you felt sad or stressed.
  • Tune into your body. How do you feel? Where do you feel? It might be a tightness in the chest or a guckiness in the tummy
  • Now consider something you’ve been dreaming of coming true. Imagine winning the lotto, or meeting your dream guy or been told you’ve been cured and can get on with your life…. Whatever you know would fill your heart
  • Tune into your body, How do you feel? Where do you feel ? You may feel light, excited, smiling, bouncing……open

 Did you notice the power of your thoughts there?


If you wish to have more energy choose activities and thoughts that open your heart centre. Avoid activities and thoughts that close your heart centre.

As with most things awareness is everything

Try this simple journaling exercise and let your feelings navigate your path 

  • What aspects of your life cause  you to contract
  • What aspects of your life cause you to expand

Makes changes to your life if need be.

If that feels impossible, make changes to how you perceive your life i.e. choose your thoughts.

Download 30 Prompts to Open Your Heart Centre here


  • Siobhan Maher said:

    Beautiful Oonagh. I felt like that after d first night of course, zonked I called it. I was blaming hormonal changes as well. Visited an Ostheopath over weekend, so feeling bit better this week. It its us all , so many stresses out there lately. Anyway onwards and upwards. Thanks for all your insta posts, they give us all a lift and to know we r not d only one with these problems. Speaking out is a great comfort to people. Thanks Oonagh. Kind Regards Siobhan.

    October 12, 2021

  • Perry Mooney said:

    Great blog . Thank you for sending it to me , at this particular moment it is just what my daughter needs x

    October 12, 2021

  • Nicola said:

    If there was ever a day form my to see your video post and recieved this email was today thank you so much oonagh. Thank you for sharing 💕

    October 12, 2021

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