Most of us well aware of our physical anatomy. It is complicated and sophisticated and thankfully for the most part takes care of itself e.g. we don’t have to tell our heart to beat or our skin to regenerate! Most of us realise that we need to do a certain amount to support it in functioning well e.g. drink water, eat nutrient dense food, exercise etc

Our Energetic Anatomy is equally complicated and sophisticated and for the most part takes care of itself. But a little knowledge is really helpful in supporting this system to do its work.

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Even if you are not familiar with Energetic Anatomy a simple awareness of its existence, a decision to tune in, and an awareness of when you’re out of alignment, can have huge impact on your health &wellbeing.

Here are 3 Empowering Habits to support your Energetic Anatomy to get you started:


Surround yourself with people, social media, tv, podcasts, books that make you feel good (cause you  to expand). Engage in activities you enjoy e.g. dancing, gardening, hiking, knitting …whatever floats your boat!

Disconnect from people, social media, tv, podcasts, books and activities that make you feel bad (cause you to contract)

Activity: Write an inventory of how you spend your time/energy. Then consider which items on your list raise your vibration and which lower your vibration. Which energise you, which drain you. Then make better choices


Our vibration. always tunes itself to the dominant frequency around it. This is why evening visiting someone in hospital is enough to make you feel ill and equally why you reach cloud nine at a music concert. Nature is at the frequency of balance and being in nature will bring us into balance

Activity: Go outside. Look at the sky. Observe any nature around you. Become aware of where your feel meet the earth. Talk to Mother Earth- she is there to support you.


Usually we can identify the moment we went from feeling balanced to blah. Could be something someone said, could be a social media post, could be a physical shock, could be a fright of some kind. It usually manifests as feeling unnaturally  drained or over emotional).

You could clap your hands and say ‘ I choose to disconnect from _________ and reclaim my energy now’

Sometimes  our energy is interrupted by triggering old wounds. If you notice a pattern here, it may be time to revisit old wounds with a counsellor or therapist, or even by yourself through journaling. If you’re seeing it you’re healing it, is a favourite mantra of mine.

To conclude...

You do not need huge knowledge or even understanding of the Energetic Anatomy to make a difference, although I find it incredibly interesting!

The above are just 3 habits you can build into your daily life for energetic alignment, there are 7 MORE in my FREE ALIGNED MAMA MINI TRAINING which includes a 20 minute video and an ebook detailing 10 Empowered Habits for Energetic Alignment.

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