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Marie Loftus

This evening I learned so much from Oonagh during the Zoom presentation of Supporting Your Child's Health with Energy & Oils". Such a lovely inspiring enthusiastic positive lady who explained in clear and simple terms about energy flow in the body, methods of helping children and ourselves and how to stay grounded happy and healthy. She outlined the uses for Essential oils for physical ailments and for healing emotionally and much more. Oonagh you were a joy to listen to...I have 11 pages of notes to reread and refresh my memory on all you shared with us!! I highly recommend this class...well worth it. Thank you so much. 

Shirley Dempsey

I did a pendulum course with Oonagh Naughton. Oh my god I have been having the most fun the past 2 days dowsing my parents, my daughter and even the dogs! It was brilliant! Oonagh makes her courses so much fun and I learned so much! I had no experience with pendulums or dowsing at all! It didn't matter one bit. Everything is explained brilliantly! This wasn't the first course I've done with Oonagh and it certainly won't be the last!

Vicki McCormack

Thanks so much for sharing this class with me, I tapped into a side of myself that I didn't know what to do with before, kids are loving me practicing on them and they are also returning the favour, which is awesome!