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The Aligned Mama Approach to Motherhood

The Aligned Mama knows that we are connected to Source Energy and she trusts her inner knowing.

The Aligned Mama is aware of her own frequency and has the tools to raise her vibration (and her family's too).

The Aligned Mama understands that the outer world is a reflection of her inner world ...therefore she values her own personal growth.

The Aligned Mama follows inspired action and lives from a place of love, not fear.

The Aligned Mama accepts that change is part of life and is happy to go with the flow.

The Aligned Mama understands that we are energetic beings and she uses Energy Healing as a form of healthcare with her family.

The Aligned Mama trusts that nature has everything we need to be healthy happy humans and uses natural solutions for day to day wellness.

The Aligned Mama is confident, empowered and excited about life.

The Aligned Mama Programme aims to help Mums live the Aligned Mama Life.

Who is this programme for?

The Aligned Mama Programme is for you, if you wish to feel empowered & confident in looking after your children

💫It’s for Mums who wish to take control of their own health and alignment and feel confident and happy in their role as Mum

💫It’s for Mums who like the idea of a holistic approach to Motherhood but don’t know where to start

💫It’s for any mum who’d like to be able to use Bio Energy, Pendulum Healing, Tapping and Essential oils in their home

WHY I'm So Passionate

Every Mother Should Know This

When I began my energy healing journey 12 years ago now, all I kept thinking is EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW THIS!! Energy healing is simple yet powerful and anyone can learn it. It acknowledges that we are so much more than flesh & blood. We are energetic beings. And if we can look after our health in a holistic way, supporting mind, body & spirit we can live very happy healthy lives.

We can apply energy healing not only to support our family members when they are ill, but also to address issues such as anxiety, eating issues, sleep disruption, behavioural challenges etc because at their core all of these are Alignment Issues.

Training in energy healing transformed my life as a Mum. I learned how to stay in alignment myself. I learned to recognise when my children were out of alignment and what to do about it. This is what I teach.

When I first became a mum I felt so useless, helpless, unsure & afraid. When my children were unhappy, unwell, challenging, I looked for answers from my Mum, Doctors, Teachers, other Mums, books on childrearing. I looked everywhere outside of myself. I did not trust my inner guidance or my mother’s instinct one bit!

Learning these tools empowered me with the knowledge to know what’s going on with my family and the skills to help. It developed my intuition and confidence and quite honestly took the fear out of motherhood for me.

I have created this programme so that other mothers can feel confident in looking after their family’s health naturally. I love that if we as Mums learn these skills and use this knowledge, our children will grow up in homes where natural solutions are the norm. I believe this will ultimately lead to a healthier and happier world.

If you share my vision for the future of family healthcare, then you will love this programme.

The Aligned Mama

Included Modules


Learn how to get in alignment and stay aligned. Learn about the law of attraction and how our thoughts & words affect our lives. Gain tools & techniques to help you connect with your intuition. Connect with the feeling that you are supported and that things are really working out for you. Learn to recognise the guidance and the inspiration available to you.


Learn about our energy system and how it affects our health & wellbeing. Learn to recognise when your child is out of alignment and how to use bio energy techniques to help rebalance their energy This is wonderful for supporting the body’s immune system but also for emotional balance and overall wellbeing. A lovely gentle energy healing modality that children love.


Learn how to use a pendulum to clear shock, balance your child’s energy and to imprint positive emotions such as confidence, self-acceptance, joy & love. This is one of the quickest ways to connect to your intuition and to restore balance.


Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to name difficult emotions and to clear with ease. This is a fantastic tool to help with phobias, anxiety & over whelm. ( Great for Mums too!). This is a tool your children can take into adult life with them – a true gift.


Learn how to use Essential Oils not only as a natural solution for health issues, but also for emotional support and for energetic clearing. Introducing Essential Oils to children means reaching for nature's solutions will become an instinctive part of their self care, all their lives.


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This recorded programme is divided into 5 self-paced modules. Each Module is divided up into several bite sized recordings.

The entire course is available inside the Aligned Mama Membership which you can access for just €22 per month.

There will be a live gathering each month so you won't be alone on your Aligned Mama Journey.

You'll get all the support you need to feel confident in using energy healing in your home


Absolutely loved the course. There was a lot of information shared and it was clear to see a lot of work was invested. I also really like Oonagh’s presenting style, it’s lovely. This course is for somebody who likes to take control of their health and that of their family. Also it’s good for someone who may be interested in studying these topics. I learned more than I thought I would!


I was looking for some practical and effective ways to compliment my wellbeing as well as that of my young family. I wanted to learn more about alternative healing practices. This course far exceeded my expectations. To say it was beneficial would be an understatement. It was jam packed full of practical strategies to deal with day to day life, From aches and pains to overwhelm.It was presented at a very high standard, by Oonagh whose gentle approach and explanations made it easy to learn. By the end of each class, I was already looking forward to the next. Oonagh guided us through Bio Energy, Dowsing, Tapping, use of essential oils and lots more. Now I have an array of tools at my disposal.

Thanks so much Oonagh, it was a pleasure to learn and practice with you.

Oonagh facilitated it so skillfully. She is a fountain of knowledge and I felt rejuvenated having taken part in the course. Looking forward to using this knowledge with my growing family.


This is a fantastic course. It has changed my life so much. The information is fantastic I’m so chilled out now , nearly pain free and sleeping much better! I have been using tapping before work or if someone pisses me off at work ! Using my essentials oils each night to help me & my snoring hubby sleep. I take time for myself each day too And have learned to slow down and not to be perfect the whole time


The information and techniques were over and above what I expected. I love that the course was fun yet so much to learn. I love that it gives a snapshot of the different techniques and you can then choose what you are drawn to. I have used Bio Energy Healing for my 3 children for 3 different reasons. I have used the pendulum with my mother in a fun way and I love the pendulum. I love that I can use the oils for my family and myself !! Oonagh is so enthusiastic about each module. She delivers the course and answers questions in such a fun and interesting way.


Thank you so much for your course. It was fantastic to see your enthusiasm and passion for energy healing. It truly is amazing. You teach it so clear and easy that its very easy to take in and digest for the student. You’ve really inspired me to learn more on energy healing.