Happy Mother's Day

FREE Group Healing for Mothers

In this guided energy healing session, we will be letting go of emotional & physical shocks experienced by many mothers.

We will release grief, sadness, guilt & fear and bring in peace, strength, kindness & joy.

I recommend  getting comfortable, choosing your own background music, oils or candles - whatever you need to create a space for healing.

If you have a specific intention for healing write it down for yourself. This does not need to be shared with anyone.

I will be holding the space but the more you are present in the moment the greater the healing.

There is something special that happens in a group healing session. The combined energy & intention creates a wonderful environment for powerful healing.

Everyone's experience is different so following the session you may feel light & bright & free or you may feel tired or emotional for a day or so. That will pass. 

As it's mothers day I hope you will get the opportunity to take it easy and relax for the rest of the day.


Register Your Place

This event is FREE of charge. It is my gift to you for being a wonderful Mum.

It will be held via Zoom at 12pm on Mother's Day Sunday March 14th.

Please make sure you are on mute  for the duration of the session. You may comment in the chat box if you wish.