The law of attraction tells us that we are the creators of our own lives. What does this mean? Well did you know that we are energetic beings and that we are always vibrating?  Our thoughts and emotions affect our vibration (think high vibe/low vibe). Our vibration determines the kind of experiences we have. The good news is we can choose our own vibration!

 In this workshop you will learn how to use this knowledge to create the life you want

You will learn

  • What the Law Of Attraction is
  • How our thoughts and the Law Of Attraction are connected
  • How to avoid being a victim and take charge of our life
  • How to Journal to get clear on what we want
  • How to visualize
  • Special Meditation Exercises to strengthen your Intuition, Visualization & Attraction
  • How to use tapping (EFT) to clear any blocks to creating the life you want
  • About your Emotional Guidance System – How to use your inner guidance system to guide you in every step of your life
  • How to develop an attitude of gratitude to create the life you want


The truth is we are creating our own reality, whether we like it or not. Following the workshop you’ll still be creating your own reality – the difference is you’ll be doing it consciously so choosing what you want!