Energy Healing at Home - Workshop (Recorded LIVE)


I found the first 4 years of Motherhood extremely challenging. When I was introduced to energy healing my whole motherhood experience changed from one of overwhelm, exhaustion & guilt to one of joy, confidence and gratitude.

In this workshop I share with you everything I wish I had known when I first became a Mum and how I have incorporated energy healing into everyday life in my home

Following this Workshop you will know:

 · About our energy system

· How our energy gets blocked

· How to know if your own energy is blocked

· How to know if your child’s energy is blocked

· Bio Energy Therapy techniques you can do yourself to address common childhood issues such as anxiety, tummy aches etc.

· A variety of techniques to help clear energetic blockages and to restore balance especially after physical or emotional shock.

· How to incorporate essential oils into family life to support energy flow & optimum wellbeing

This 2 hour workshop will give you confidence you need to look after your child’s health naturally.

It is also my hope that in using these techniques with your child now it will ingrain a ritual and practice in them, giving them a natural way to support their own health when they transition into adulthood.

This is a recording of a LIVE workshop. Once purchased you will receive the video in your inbox. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical expert, any information or advice that I give is based on my own experience.