As a Mum we can use this a powerful tool to support our children with sleep, anxiety, behavioural issues, digestive problems, skin issues, illness etc

You will learn:

How to ground yourself                                                                                           

How to feel energy
How energy gets blocked
How to clear energy blockages
How to keep energy flowing

What to expect:
This will be an interactive & experiential workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing and make sure you have room to stand and watch the screen 

We will begin with some Chi Kung Exercises (very basic). This will include physical exercises to gently clear energy blockages in the joints and meta physical exercises to help us tune in to that sense that enables us to feel the energy

We will look at the energy system- chakras, meridians & auric fields

We will cover basic bio energy techniques for the balancing the energy system

Participants will be encouraged to to practice on family members in the days following the workshop

You will receive an e -book to accompany this Masterclass