I am so glad you have been guided here.

I am here to help you connect with your power through energy healing, guided self healing and self compassion. In my experience Motherhood becomes alot easier when we ourselves are in balance. This means healing trauma, clearing trapped emotions, transforming limiting beliefs and learning to manage our own energy system so we can feel really well and really happy.

Intuitive Mentoring & Healing Sessions for Mums

Sessions will be tailored to suit you. For those who need it there will an opportunity to clear any birth trauma and rebalance the energy between you and your child, before focusing inward and connecting with the inner knowing that will guide to a more joyful path

The aim of the session is not only to get your energy flowing but to empower you to trust your inner guidance which is communicating with you and supporting you all the time.

Sessions take place over zoom and last approximately 75 mins


Intuitive Mentoring & Healing Session

Get my Energy Flowing Please


You will not only to get your energy flowing but you will learn how to tune into your energy system and align yourself with the flow of life in any moment

It's one thing getting your energy flowing and let me tell you that is a fantastic feeling! It's another think keeping it flowing.

It requires self awareness, learning to listen to our inner guidance and becoming conscious of our patterns, our beliefs, our thoughts.

More than anything if requires self compassion. This includes gentle self compassion such as soothing and encouraging ourselves, but also fierce self compassion which means standing up for ourselves, setting boundaries, being an advocate for our own well being.

My purpose here is to guide you to become self-reliant so you can feel strong, energised, motivated and excited about life and when challenges come your way, as they do, you'll know how to stay in alignment

I will guide you through the 4 step process I use in my own life

1. Alignment with flow

2. Radical Responsibility

3. Self compassion

4. Change something


One Month Mentor & Healing Programme

I’m Eager to Learn and Ready to Grow Please