Pendulum Workshop for Beginners

Learn to use a pendulum as a vibrational tool for personal/spiritual connection and healing.

All information about you and everything that has ever happened to you is in your energy field, a bit like the hard drive of a computer. Dowsing is a way of logging in

A pendulum is a powerful tool for accessing intuition. The pendulum works from involuntary muscle movements and allows you to bypass your conscious mind and go directly to the higher self, the source of boundless knowledge

What will I learn on this workshop?

During this experiential workshop you will learn:

· What dowsing is

· How to use a pendulum

· How is to ask questions in the correct way

· How to clear shocks

· How to balance you energy system ( chakras, meridians & auric fields)

· How to clear trapped emotions

Anybody can learn this skill. It just takes an open mind and some practice...................oh and a pendulum so please make sure you have one for the workshop. You can purchase one here

You don't have to be an energy therapist. Everything that you learn is this workshop can be used for yourself, for family and for friends

Workshop Live Monday August 16th from 8pm - 10pm

Mary Loftus, Mayo

I had the pleasure of seeing a Beginners Guide to using a Pendulum for Dowsing presented by Oonagh. Her easy light friendly manner of sharing her knowledge made to 2 hours fly by. Her encouraging words with no hidden secrets or fancy jargon makes using a pendulum accessible to anyone who is interested. She explains in detail, gives time for practice (and seeing it work is amazing!!) She answers all questions and offers follow up guidance. Thank you Oonagh for your generosity of spirit. I look forward to a follow up class

Shirley Dempsey, Athlone

I did a pendulum course with Oonagh Naughton. Oh my god I have been having the most fun dowsing for my parents, my daughter and even the dogs! It was brilliant!

Oonagh makes her courses so much fun and I learned so much! I had no experience with pendulums or dowsing at all! It didn't matter one bit. Everything is explained brilliantly! This wasn't the first course I've done with Oonagh and it certainly won't be the last!

Caitriona Broderick, Galway

Recently did the dowsing workshop with Oonagh.

Her passion for all things holistic is so evident

and shines through in how she teaches. I would highly recommend that you join her in one of her upcoming workshops. I'll be looking out for the next one!