Living a life you love

Freedom From Fear


This Workshop is an opportunity for you to connect with your true power

You will learn how to recognise when you are out of alignment.

You will learn tools & techniques to help you realign with the power of the Universe.

You will connect with the feeling that you are supported and that things are really working out for you.

You will know how to connect with your life’s purpose

You will recognise the guidance the inspiration available to you.

2 Part Workshop LIVE on July 19th & 20th @ 8-10pm

Supporting e-book included

2 Part Workshop

Fun & Interactive

This will be a fun & interactive workshop with:


✓ Small group discussion

✓ Guided meditation to clear blocks

✓ Guided tapping session to clear limiting beliefs

Following this workshop

It is my hope that you will feel:

✓ Empowered

✓ Energised

✓ Excited

✓ Motivated

✓ Radiant

✓ Alive

*Based on the teachings of Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and others

A Virtual Retreat!

Oonagh described the course as a 'virtual retreat' and that is exactly what it was. Before covid a course like this may have been face to face but I think doing over zoom was even more perfect as it allowed me to do it alone and in the comfort of my own home. Oonagh is an energetic and vibrant facilitator and I really enjoyed listening to her. The exercises were excellent, thought provoking and so worth while. Since doing the course I feel much calmer and more relaxed, not worrying about the future but feeling like everything will work out fine. Delighted that I took the course and I highly recommend it.- Edel

Absolutely Fantastic!

Today was absolutely fantastic. I could have listened to it for another few hours honestly! I felt so calm and so relaxed! Something I wasn't expecting from a workshop about fear! 😂

I loved that there was a lovely mix of practical work and listening. The Meditation and tapping sessions were truly amazing.
You're absolutely where you're meant to be in life. You may not be teaching children anymore but you are a teacher all the same ❤️

Thank you. - Ann Marie