Have you ever felt helpless when your child is unwell or unhappy?

Have you ever wished you could help your child sleep better, learn better, feel better?

Would you like to have natural health solutions at your finger- tips?

I am holding an online Masterclass so you can learn how to use Essential Oils safely with your child.

Tuesday August 23rd, 2022 @ 8pm

Following this masterclass you will know:

~ About the top 10 oils that will help you address 90% of health issues that arise in your home

~ How to use rollerballs to dilute your oils for safe use with your child from birth to teens

~ How to use the oils for emotional support and for mood management in your home

~ Which resources are available to help you further your knowledge of Essential Oils use

~ How to purchase doTERRA oils at less than wholesale prices

~ How to join a Essential Oil Education Community for free


Free Essential Oil Samples

As I mother of 3 children (2 teenagers
and a toddler) we use essential oils in our home every single day for everything from hormones to tantrums to tummy aches!

I can't wait to share with you my tips & tricks for making life easier for you and your children.

Some areas that essential oils can help with

· Sleep

· Digestion

· Immunity

· Skin

· Emotional Support

· Focus & Concentration

It is my intention to send free samples to participants prior to the class so that they may experience the oils as I discuss them so please include your full postal address when booking.

Masterclass Live on zoom

Tuesday August 23rd, 2022 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Sinéad, Mayo

I have started using the oils on my 2 younger daughters. One of my daughters gets very anxious and is a deep thinking who has unsettled sleep patterns for years. Both children absolutely love using the oils especially lavender, lemongrass, onguard and zengest. I use these oils in a diffuser and also through massage and have found them very effective in relaxing my daughters before bedtime.

Amanda, Dublin

I started using oils when the pandemic first hit. I wanted to boost the immune system for the whole family.

Little did I know that the benefits would be endless!

My daughters both found it difficult to get to sleep at night.

Oonagh was so helpful for advise on which oils to mix and diffuse and which to rub on their feet. I honestly believe that the oils have kept our household all healthy in body and mind and will continue to in future.

Louise, Mayo

My 10 year old daughter suffered with anxiety and now she uses calm blend, or brave for issues that arise. For sleeping she has found vetiver great for going straight to sleep.

My 7 year old boy has had more antibiotics than I care to count for bad chest and burst ear drum. We have been using Doterra for a year now and thank god my son hasn't been to the doctor since last March. As for Oonagh no better lady to help you with oils and giving advise on what best to you. Thank you Oonagh.