The Power of Energy Healing in the Home

A 6 week course for Mums who wish for a more conscious & fulfilled parenting experience.

Delivered online, this 6 week course starts on Monday September 13th at 8pm.

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Learn about the energy system and how to use bio energy techniques to help rebalance your child’s energy. This is wonderful for tummy aches & headaches but also for anxiety, sleep issues, focus & concentration.


Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to name difficult emotions and to clear with ease. A fantastic tool to help with phobias, anxiety & over whelm. (Great for Mums too!)


Learn how to use a pendulum to clear shock, balance your child’s energy and to imprint positive emotions such as confidence, self-acceptance, joy & love.


Learn how to use essential oils to clear limiting beliefs and trapped emotions. Essential Oils will be provided for this experiential workshop.


Each Workshop will be live on zoom but participants will have access to the recording via the Facebook group. This course is progressive. Ideally I would like participants to have an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned between workshops.

Private Facebook Group

Interactive Course Community

This course is a practical and interactive. While I will introduce some background information my focus will be on getting Mums up & running using their new found knowledge in the home on a daily basis.

To help facilitate this and to ensure you get the most out of this course. I will invite all participants to join my Facebook group where we will share our experiences and enjoy this journey together!

This course is for you if:

- Are curious about energy healing

- Would like to learn energy healing techniques to keep your family well

- Would like to raise your own vibration

- Would like to meet like minded women on a similar journey to empowerment

This is not just 6 weeks of learning. It’s 6 weeks of healing.

Self Care as Health Care

My vision is that the future of healthcare will be self-care. By tapping into our innate power to heal and to thrive are no longer a victim of our circumstances. We have choices. The result I believe will be happier & healthier homes.

Keep reading for more details on what you can expect to learn and experience from each week.

Week 1 & 2:

Bio-Energy Healing

When we are healthy and life is good, our energy flows freely and this helps to maintain good health and well-being. However, physical or emotional stress, trauma, our environment, and even our thoughts, can disrupt our energy flow and prevent our immune system from working efficiently, leading to lack of vitality, disease and ill-health. Bio-Energy Therapy works by reactivating the body’s natural healing system through a series of hand movements. 

You will learn:

How to ground yourself

How to feel energy

How energy gets blocked

How to clear energy blockages

How to keep your energy flowing

What to expect:

These will be  interactive  & experiential workshops. Please wear comfortable clothing and make sure you have room to stand and watch the screen

We will begin with some Chi Kung Exercises (very basic). This will include physical exercises to gently clear energy blockages in the joints and meta physical exercises to help us tune in to that sense that enables us to feel the energy

We will look at the energy system- chakras, meridians & auric fields

We will cover basic bio energy techniques for the balancing the energy system

Participants will be encouraged to repeat the activities learned daily for the week following this module. You may wish to practice on family members and share the results the following week

You will receive an ebook to accompany this module

Week 3:

Tapping (EFT)

For this module we are joined by Sarah Tobin of

Tapping is often described as 'accupuncture without needles' It works by combining psychology and tapping on meridian end points in the body. By tapping on these points we send signals back to the brain to tell it the body is safe, which reduces the stress hormones almost instantly. 

It has amazing impact on releasing trauma for good, which then impacts the body’s physical and emotional responses. In short you're re-wiring the brain.

Tapping itself can help reduce common emotions such as anger, grief, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness etc. Subsequently it can have a huge healing effect on current pain and dis-ease for adults & children

You will learn:

What tapping is

How to tap to clear overwhelm for yourself

How to tap with your child

What to expect:

The wonderful Sarah Tobin from Tapping
for is presenting this module

This will be an experiential workshop
as Sarah takes us through a tapping session especially for Mums. This means we
will not only be learning but healing as well.

She will explain how tapping works and
how we can use it with our children.

You will receive a tapping script for children to accompany this module

Week 4 &5:

Pendulum Healing (Dowsing for Health)

A pendulum is a powerful tool for accessing intuition. Pendulums work from involuntary muscle movements and allow you to bypass your conscious mind and go directly to the higher self, the source of boundless knowledge

Anybody can learn this skill. It just takes an open mind and some practice

You will learn:

How to body dowse

How to use a pendulum

The art of questioning

How to use dowsing to clear shocks, balance energy &  to release trapped emotions.

What to expect:
These will be an interactive workshops. A pendulum will be provided.

We will begin with guided meditation to get aligned & grounded

We will revisit in a little more detail the energy system

We will practise dowsing

You will receive an e-book to accompany this module

Module 6:

Essential Oils for Energetic Alignment

Based on the teachings of Desiree Mangandog - TCM practitioner, acupuncturist and essential oil expert

All emotions have an energetic pattern and unique frequencies. These frequencies affect the way our cells divide, the way our organs function, our hormonal make-up, and how blood circulates throughout the system. Topical application of the oils on specific acupuncture points and meridians can create quick emotional shifts.

You will learn:

How to use Essential Oils to eliminate overwhelm, boost self-esteem, gain clarity & vision and to increase courage & inspiration.

What to expect:

This is an interactive & experiential workshop. The oils required will be posted to you in advance.

You will be taken through a protocol  of oil application based on Desiree Mangandog’s  ‘I am fabulous’ book.

Oonagh will hold a loving space for you to experience the emotional shifts and changes you’ve been calling in to your life.

During the class as you’ll be starting to clear the blocks that may be holding you back from  experiencing your unique and fabulous self!