Learn Bio Energy Therapy

A 2 Day In Person Training Workshop

 Bio Energy Healing for Family Healthcare

You are an energetic being and so is your child. For optimum
health & wellbeing we need to support ourselves and our children not only physically,
emotionally and mentally but also

These systems are all
important and all interconnected but
the energy system is the foundation.

When we are healthy and life is good, our energy flows
and this helps to maintain good health and
well-being. However, physical or emotional stress, trauma, our environment, and
even our thoughts, can 
disrupt our energy flow and lead to lack of vitality, ill-health
and unhappiness.

Bio-Energy Therapy works
by rebalancing the Energy
System through combining intention with a series of gentle hand

As a Mum looking at your children through an energetic lens
allows you to nip things in the bud,
clearing emotional & physical shocks
before they manifest as ill-health. This can be incredibly

Sept 24th & 25th 10.30am - 5:00pm

Old Glasson School House, Co. Westmeath.

During this course

You will learn:

How to ground yourself

How to tune in and feel energy

How energy gets blocked

How to clear energy blockages

How to restore balance to the energy system

How to support your child’s health using Bio Energy Therapy

BONUS: Bring along your pendulum for a bonus lesson on dowsing

What to expect?

This will be an interactive  &
workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing.

You’ll experience both giving and receiving bioenergy so this will be a weekend of healing and learning

Places are limited to 10 participants so individual attention is guaranteed.

You will receive an e-book to accompany this course

*Following this course you wil be equipped with all the tools and skills you need to support your family and friends with Bio Energy Healing.


The Old School House, Glasson, Athlone

I'm thrilled to be holding the workshop each day in the beautfiul setting of the The Old School House, Co. Westmeath.

September 24th & 25th 10.30am - 5:00pm

This course is for you, if you:

✓ Would like to learn energy healing techniques to keep your family well

✓ Would like to raise your own vibration

✓ Would like to meet like-minded souls on a similar journey to empowerment

✓ Are simply curious about energy healing

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