Learn Bio Energy Therapy

A 4 week course on using Bio Energy Healing for family healthcare

When we are healthy and life is good, our energy flows freely and this helps to maintain good health and well-being. However, physical or emotional stress, trauma, our environment, and even our thoughts, can disrupt our energy flow and prevent our immune system from working efficiently, leading to lack of vitality, disease and ill-health.

Bio-Energy Therapy works by reactivating the body’s natural healing system through a combination of intention with a series of hand movements.

It is my aim to share with you, over the course of 4 weeks, the information and Bio Energy techniques you need to support your family's wellbeing.

Starting Monday May 31st @ 8pm


Learn about the energy system, how it gets blocked and how to use bio energy techniques to help rebalance energy for yourself & for your family


With focus on the heart centre you will learn its role in keeping your energy flowing. You will learn bio energy techniques for clearing anxiety. You will also be introduced to scientific evidence that shows the powerful effect of our words (spoken, written or thought) on our health


Learn how to clear pain from the body. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says:

"Where there is free flow there is no pain. Where there is no flow there is pain."

Learn also about how thoughts can have a physiological effect on our bodies.

Module 4: LET IT GO

Learn how to clear trapped emotions from the body. We’ll bring the bio techniques you have learned throughout this course together to restore balance and foster healing the body and a physical, emotional & spiritual level.

During this course

You will learn:

✓ How to ground yourself

✓ How to feel energy

✓ How energy gets blocked How to clear energy blockages

✓ How to keep your energy flowing

✓ How to treat family & friends using Bio Energy Therapy

What to expect?

This will be an interactive & experiential workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing and make sure you have room to stand and watch the screen

Participants will be encouraged to repeat the activities learned daily for the week following each module. You may wish to practice on family members and share the results the following week

You will be invited to join a private facebook group which will be a safe space where you can ask questions and share your experiences should you wish to do so.

Each Workshop will be live on zoom but participants will have access to the recording in the Facebook group.

This course is progressive. Ideally I would like participants to have an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned between workshops.

You will receive an e-book to accompany this course

*This is not a certified course and you will not be qualified as a therapist. You will however have all the tools and skills you need to support your family a friends with Bio Energy Healing.

This course is for you, if you:

✓ Are curious about energy healing

✓ Would like to learn energy healing techniques to keep your family well

✓ Would like to raise your own vibration

✓ Would like to meet like-minded souls on a similar journey to empowerment

My vision is that the future of healthcare will be self-care. By tapping into our innate power to heal and to thrive are no longer a victim of our circumstances. We have choices. The result I believe will be happier & healthier homes.